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Donor Highlight: Pete Murdoch

Pete Murdoch believes that trails represent a significant and vital asset to the communities they serve. Trails are a safe and progressive recreational source for residents, and non-residents, of all ages. Pete is an active member of the Friends of the North Bank Trail and a member and supporter of the WMTGC. Pete shares that his support of WMTGC is motivated by having experienced first-hand how well received the trails are and his desire to further their growth. “My favorite trail is the North Bank because it represents the very mission of the WMTGC – to enhance connectivity with other trails and communities and to ensure its proper maintenance and sustainability going forward.”

Pete’s plans, and those of the Friends of the North Bank Trail, are to direct future efforts to expand the NBT east into Polkton and Wright Townships and to connect with the Musketawa and Meijer trails. He is hopeful that these efforts will be successful with the strong support of the WMTGC and their operational objective of promoting and encouraging such connectivity.
Pete and his wife are residents of Spring Lake Township and he owns Reliant Professional Cleaning Contractors, Inc. a west Michigan based building services contractor. West Michigan could not have the trail network that it does without supporters like Pete Murdoch! Thank you, Pete for all that you do. If you would like to join Pete as a Trail Guardian – you can join him by clicking HERE

By contributing to WMTGC, you help develop and maintain the beautiful trail system that connects communities and natural areas across West Michigan.

Trail Guardians

Our Trail Guardians are a passionate and active group of monthly givers with a passion for trails. They are people like you, from all over Michigan, giving what they can to help build a world-class trail system.  Even as little as $10 a month can help us create a unified signage system for all of our trails. Want to join them?  Click here to donate.

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